The Sacred Monumental Area



posta sotto la giurisdizione di „Onorcaduti“
The Serauta Memorial Zone was established by Law N°719 of December 5th, 1975, under the normative D.L. 29/10/1922 n. 1386, signed into law 16/6/1927 n.983; and assigned to the custody of the General Commissary in Honour of the War Fallen (Defence Ministry).This site commemorates and honours the men who fought on the Marmolada during the First World War, from 1915 to 1917.

cippoThere is a photo featuring a pillar with the inscription: “War Divided Them, Memory Unites Them”. The sentiment commemorates all the soldiers, Italians and Austro-Hungarians, who fought on Marmolada from 1916 until November 4th,1917. The cave behind the pillar served as quarters for the guardian troops stationed at the “fort” at Punta Serauta.

In the early morning hours of September 26th,1917, the Austrians set off a mine which hit the outpost and killed the men guarding Forcella V: Lieutenant Rosso and the soldiers of the 52nd Infantry Regiment. Lieutenant Serra used this photo to indicate to the Rosso family the position where their son Flavio was struck down.DSCF7127 Documentary evidence has established to a reasonable certainty that the bodies of Lieutenant Rosso and the infantrymen under his command lay buried under the pile of rocky detritus thrown onto.