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Dear friends of the Museum Marmolada Grande Guerra 3000m..

The association Museo della Grande Guerra in Marmolada was founded in 1990,with the aim of creating a museum that could attest to the history of the tragic and absurd events of the Great War. Many members have given support.
Now to mark the commemorations of the centennial of the Great War the association and the Marmolada srl company have decided to refurbish and remodel the museum with an experience-based exhibit that communicates the value of peace to everyone, presenting a museum concept centred around man, who became a soldier and then returned to being a man.
To do this the association had to take on significant financing; this is why we ask all of you visitors to the museum to adhere to the initiative of 5xthousand, so that the museum can be maintained throughout the years and continue to convey a message of peace to everyone.

A material gesture to support our musuem:

5 per thousand
You can adhere through your tax return (form 730, Unico, CUD).
C.F. 93011190258

Donations to the museum will be particularly appreciated
IBAN: IT 44S 0200861 0000 0000 4454207